Camping Os Fieitas


Our bungalows stand out for their cosiness and natural setting. They are fully equipped (see equipment list) and are ideal for really enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation.

Now we have wider bungalows and also full equipped (5 persons) they´ve got two bedrooms for our customers enjoyment as well* (Look at the prices).

Pets are not allowed in our bungalows.

In Camping Os Fieitas we have 3 types of bungalows (click to see):

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Equipment in the Bungalows

Glass per person 1 can opener 1 lemon squeezer 1 mat
Breakfast cups with saucer per person 1 corkscrew 1 cruet set 1 or 2 duvet
Coffee cup with saucer per person 1 stewpot 2 cooking cloths 1 or 2 Nordics
Plate per person 1 salad bowl 1 dish rack 1 blanket
Soup dish per person 2 steel trays 1 cutlery tray 2/3/4 pillows
Dessert plate per person 1 steel ladle 1 cloth 1 cover per mattress
Fork per person 1 frying pan 1 scourer 1 bath towel per person
Knife per person 1 coffee pot 1 dishwasher 1 hand towel per person
Spoon per person 1 colander 1 mop with bucket 1 television with remote control
Teaspoon per person 1 strainer 1 broom 1 fridge with freezer
2 cooking knives 1 chopping board 1 dustpan 1 radiator
1 slotted spoon 1 mortar 1 rubbish bin 1 micro-waves
1 skimmer 1 salt cellar 1 hand soap dispenser
1 wooden spoon 1 table mat 1 toothbrush glass
1 scissors 1 plastic tablecloth 1 wc brushes

We would be grateful if you leave the bungalow in the same condition as you found it. Please leave the kitchenware in its original place.



Booking Conditions

  1. To make a reservation you must send a reservation request for each bungalow you want. The camping will confirm the availability in accordance to your requirements.
  2. With the reservation request you must send us a deposit by bank transference and a receipt of the corresponding amount, detailed below:40% of the total amount for reservations. In the case of cancellation the following amounts of the deposit are non- refundable according to the amount of notice given:100% with less than 30 days notice. The occupation of the bungalow will be as indicated in the reservation made. During the months of July and August the reservations must be for a minimum of five days.
  3. Accommodation will be available from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 the day of departure.
  4. Entrance to the camping is restricted to clients vehicles only.
  5. No animals are allowed in the camping whatsoever. (dogs, cats…).
  6. A 60€ deposit must be paid on arrival to cover possible damages that may occur. This will be returned on the day of departure provided that everything is in order. The bungalow will be clean and tidy on arrival and must be vacated and left in the same condition. Any breakages or damage must be reported and paid for immediately.
  7. Clients must abide by the rules of the Camping Os Fieitás. All visitors must be previously authorised by the management, and they will not be able to use existing services in the camping: showers, etc. without paying the established tariff.
  8. The person named on the reservation must pay the balance of the account on arrival. Under no circumstances will a refund be made for any days that the bungalow is unoccupied.