Camping Os Fieitas



Plano del camping

Our plots stand out because they are comfortable and welcoming, in a natural setting and in a family atmosphere. They give right to the use of shared bathrooms, grills, and other spaces and / or collective services.

There are plots of different orientations and areas, as well as different access facilities depending on the vehicle in which you visit us.

If you have specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us before or after making your reservation. The only way to reserve a plot is by phone or mail since we do not make parcel reservations online.

The only way to reserve a plot is by phone or by mail, since we do not make reservations in plots on the Internet.

RESERVATIONS: +34 653908020


1. To formalize your reservation you must send us a duly completed reservation request for each parcel you wish. The campsite will confirm the availability of free places according to your request.     

2. With the reservation request you must send us as deposit and by bank transfer the corresponding amount that is detailed below: 40% of the total amount of the stay. The cancellation of the reservation will give the right to retain as a maximum compensation, the following percentage of the signal required: 100% when the cancellation is made less than 15 days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.     

3. The occupation of the plot will be understood between the dates indicated in the reservation request.     

4. The parcels will be available from 16:00 hours on the day of arrival and until 12:00 hours on the day of departure.     

5. Only the entry of a car or motorcycle per plot will be authorized.     

6. Pets are allowed (dogs, cats, …) but their owners will be responsible for possible damage to the facilities or inconvenience generated to other users of Camping Os Fieitás.     

7. Upon arrival at the campsite you must make a delivery of € 60 as a guarantee of any damage that may cause, this deposit will be returned on departure once the good condition of all the material has been checked. Upon arrival, the accommodation will be clean and upon leaving you must leave it in perfect condition. The breakages or damages caused should be paid immediately.     

8. The user of the plot will undergo at all times the regulation of the internal regime of Camping Os Fieitás. In case of visits, previously authorized by the Directorate, they will not be able to use the existing services in the campsite: showers, etc. without paying the fee established for this purpose.     

9. The owner of the reservation undertakes to satisfy the day of arrival, at the time of formalizing the registration at reception, the total amount of the invoice corresponding to the reserved period. In no case will be deducted the days in which the accommodation was vacated.