Places of interest

Monte Siradella

Located to 4 km of the campsite. It is acceded by the highway that goes in the direction of O Grove, taking a deflection to the right. In spite of being a mount of little height, their views are spectacular. We can descry the islands You can see Ons, Sálvora, A Toxa; it laughs it of plagued whole Arousa of mussels farm, beam of the Barbanza, embosomed of Bao, A Lanzada beach, O Grove and the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. (42º 28’ 13’’ N – 8º 53’ 01’’ W)

In the stop there is an interesting classroom of nature that is next to the viewpoint. From there same it leaves a route for walk (A Lagarteira) that isn’t very long and well is signed. Also it has a zone of shade with tables, barbecues and swings.

Aquárium Galicia

It located to 3 km of the campsite, is acceded by the highway in direction O Grove. It offers an interesting collection of fish, seafood and other marine species that inhabit our coasts. It is an equipment recovery center of marine animals and contains an exhibition of cetaceans and turtles. During the summer you can see many birds and they organize falconry exhibitions. (42º 29’ 01’’ N – 8º 53’ 26’’ W)

Aquárium Galicia Website

A Toxa – Pedras Negras

Black the Grove (42º 29’ 48’’ N – 8º 51’ 51’’ W) Or town is to 5 km of the campsite. One is an important marine villa with a port powerful and varied in his captures of seafood and fish of bajura. In spite of being a small town it has a great commercial activity, supplying great variety of stores and businesses of all type.

The port is bordered by a great supply of tascas and restaurants in where podán to taste excellent fish, seafood and wines of the Earth.
By the mornings he is interesting to visit the market and the market of fish.

Fridays a populated swap-meet is celebrated.

Together with the town by a bridge, is the famous island of A Toxa (42º 29’ 03’’ N – 8º 50’ 49’’ W). They emphasize the Great Hotel, the casino, the bath, the old factory of soaps and the covered chapel totally of shells of vieira. In the island there is also a golf course. To the entrance of the island there are a zone of swap-meet of memories and typical products of Galicia.

In the other end of the peninsula are the town of S. Grove Or Vicente, with most interesting beaches and the Black urbanization of Pedras (42º 27’ 27’’ N- 8º 55’ 12’’ W) with its sport port, from where it leaves a wood stroll that it crosses, beaten to the sea, the coast.

Adro Vello – Iglesia de S. Vicente

When arriving at S. Vicente from O Grove, to the right a deviation will take to Barreiro, in where is this necrópolis. Although he is something neglected, his fences allow to see interesting establishments. (42º 28’ 39’’ N – 8º 55’ 51’’ W).

To 300 metres, in Punta O Castriño, the rest are seen of I castrate where it inhabited the human group that gave origin necrópolis.

The church of S. Vicente (42º 28’ 32’’ N – 8º 55’ 31’’ W) already we passed it when we went to necrópolis of Adro Hair; one is in the accesses to the beach of Great Area. It was constructed in 1770 with elements of previous that were located in the beach of Or a Barreiro. Its style is of the purest baroque compostelano, with some details of the primitive reconstruction, and its plant is rectangular.

Ensenada do Umia – A Lanzada

Cove of Umia (42º 27’ 42’’ N – 8º 52’ 23’’ W) it is an ecosystem closed, protected from 1989, with an extension of 15 km². The deposits dragged by the Umia river are pushed in direction O Vao by action of the waters that penetrate in laughs it, forming the “Complejo Intermareal Umia-O Grove”. The waters are little deep and the low tide leaves in the open most of the cove, in where they lay eggs crustaceans, fish and cephalopods, protected by the prairie of seaweed.

The birds find tempered waters here and abundant food, and the zone is place of wintertime and passage of million birds, mainly in the winter.

A Lanzada (42º 26’ 26’’ N -8º 52’ 11’’ W) it is an enormous beach, of 2,400 ms of extension, one of best Galician beaches due to the quality of his sand and to his very cleans waters. The beach counts on blue flag of the European Community and numerous services: showers, baths, parkings, restaurant and cafes throughout the wood stroll that crosses the dune.

In his first third there is an aerodrome where aerial sports like wing practice delta. At the end of the beach we found the hermitage of Our Lady of A Lanzada, constructed in s.XIV. Its semicircular apse is typical of the Romanesque one, but their pointed inner arcs belong already to the gothic one. To his around the eve of S. Juan is celebrated typical party; and the last weekend of August is celebrated another one of ancient pagan rites, as the bath of the nine waves.